FTP-PAPERBACKThe Tibetans have the Book of the Dead. This is my Book of the Dead Interesting. I take you on a tour of the 100 best graves in Britain. Part travelogue, part biography and part social history, this book is essential reading for everyone who isn’t dead yet.


“The most fun I’ve ever had with dead bodies – Bill Bryson

Must Reads: Graving may sound like a gloomy activity but Treneman’s fascinating trawl through burial sites proves it is anything but. — The Observer

Ann Treneman proves in his delightful as well as weirdly uplifting book, it’s quite possible to be funny about death without tipping too far into flippancy… [This book] is a small victory for a different view of death, in its own quirky way. — Mail on Sunday

The book is packed with such stories, about the great and the good, as well as those you’ve never heard of, but are glad you now have. — The Spectator

Treneman was planning to leave the 100th entry empty for readers to come up with their own favourite grave but then she discovered Fred Wolseley. Like the ninety-nine other entries, it tells you much that you did not know, in an amusing and charming way. –Times Literary Supplement

This unusual guidebook is essential for anyone with a fascination for final resting places. — Discover Britain

A witty and highly entertaining guide. –Good Book Guide


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