GE 2015 Dictionary update….

Here are some additions to my Vote Vocab to help us all understand the 2015 election…. I will collate them at the end of the week ….(for rest see yesterday’s post…)


Actual Voters – Desperate attempt by politicians and headline writers to separate between voters and everyone else (i.e. “ordinary people”, hard-working families and, of course, all time fave: “real people”.)

Backstabbing: Something you do when you take on a sibling in any endeavour. (Ignore all previous definitions.)

Ordinary people: One of the terms that politicians use (enviously) to describe all of the rest of us. (Do they not realise that we are extraordinary?)

Grand National: Animal cruelty in action which will be tackled by the Green Party as part of the great progressive future

People at home: Favourite idea of politicians that “people at home” are listening or watching, as in: “People listening at home will be shocked…” or “People at home watchiing will be appalled….” No, we aren’t: we’re making a cup of tea.

Peradventure – “Let’s be clear beyond peradventure” said Harriet Harman on the Andrew Marr show on 12.04.2015. Are we in a Jane Austen novel? Oh I do hope so. Actually surely Peradventure is the perfect name for a Jane Austen theme park.

Real people: How politicians refer to us as in: “Real people will not think it wise to use the word ‘peradventure’….

Wisdom Index: A fall-back position for pollsters where they get “ordinary people” to tell them who they think will win, as opposed to who they are going to vote for (with thanks to Professor Tim Bale of Queen Mary University….)