Annus Horribilis

buythebookannusGibson Square, 2009, £9.99

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It had been a year of political nightmares, financial disaster and, yes, duck houses. Just when you thought it couldn’t get worse, it did. As the sketchwriter for The Times, I watched agog as Westminster descending into political madness day by day. In this book, I use my sketches to tell the story of a year that was mad, bad and dangerous to know. You couldn’t make it up and I didn’t have to. The book covers the year that began in September 2008, when the full force of the financial crisis became apparent with the collapse of Leyman’s.

What they said about Annus Horribilis….

 “Ann Treneman is brilliant. How does she do it? In a word, it’s her deadpan. Not a sentence, not a phrase is permitted the tiniest giggle. The author herself remains frozen-faced. The reader is in stitches.” Matthew Parris

Ann Treneman has made me embarrass myself too many times laughing out loud in the most awkward places! A collection of her parliamentary sketches over the last years of Gordon Brown’s premiership – best read by yourself! – Daniel Polin, Amazon reviews