My first week on the campaign trail – in pics


Day One: Bloomberg in the City for Ed Miliband’s business launch except that we had to get through this Tory rent-a-mob first


Day 2: To St Margaret’s Bay near Dover, the nearest place to France in Britain, to hear UKIP’s Nigel Farage tell us that if only immigration were lower then boys would play football in the streets


Day 3: To Leeds, and the Britvic factory, where Chancellor George Osborne gave a speech without any fizz whatsoever, hard to achieve in a warehouse full of Tango. Is the Northern Powerhouse ready for the Tory bus?


Day four: Manchester. Adam Dant, the official election artist, sketches me in the back of the cab on our way to Media City for the big seven-way debate


Day four (or, actually, 10.30pm at night): The spin room in action after the debate in which no one could tell which of the seven candidates won but that didin’t stop everyone talking non-stop