You can book a virtual or in-person consultation for either an hour or 30 minutes.


60-minute or 30-minute video call:

It’s show and tell time. The idea is for me to learn about your garden and its issues, problems, questions. You can give me a video tour of the garden or provide photos or just describe it. This is a free-ranging session that could include specific questions about certain plants, trees, borders or practical advice on subjects such as planting or pruning, creating a pond or making a vegetable garden. I can also provide ideas and advice on using your space, placement of patio or paths, etc.

At the end of the session, you can have a recording of our session. Another option is to receive a written report to include information on what we have discussed. For instance, this could include plant choice, pruning, soil, improving the lay-out, creating a pond etc.


One hour video call: £50

One hour video call with written summary and relevant information: £70

30 minute video call: £25

30 minute video call with written summary and relevant information, £45


This involves a one hour visit to your garden and talking to you about any issues, desires, plans, problems. You may want to sort out one particularly difficult border or to start devising a planting plan. I will follow your lead. You may want a wide-ranging session, wondering how to transform your space. Or you may want specific advice on the right tree and where to buy it.


Location: Midlands and London and South-East. 

One hour first visit plus any drawings or sketches made on site: £50

First visit plus written summary: £70

Subsequent visits, one hour minimum, £40.


BEFORE WE MEET: Please note that before our session you should look at the “Your Garden” section here and send me your thoughts before our session

CONTACT: Send an email to
                    ring me on 07920871164 and leave a message.