What is your ideal garden?

The first step down the proverbial garden path is to spend some time thinking about this.

In the long run, this will save you time and money.

Forget, for the moment, all practical aspects of your garden. It doesn’t matter if it’s tiny, huge, on a slope or falling into the sea (well, OK, maybe that one does matter a little bit).


What you want it to look and “feel” like?
Natural? Formal? Colourful? Green and quiet?

What would give you pleasure?
Do you want to pond? Or a place for cocktails?
Or a vegetable garden? Or all three!

What will you be doing in the garden?
Entertaining? Barbequing? Sun-bathing? Volleyball?


Three words that sum up the garden you want
Then add your thoughts from the “Imagine” section.


Send me the answers before our advice or design session.